All support provided by experienced System Administrators
Knowledgeable and helpful, with the ability to make changes on the spot.

Internet Central does not advertise and has no sales staff
We focus on providing service.

Internet Central does not sell or disclose data pertaining to our customers
This includes names, addresses, email addresses, email content, web sites visited, missed hits, logs, and statistics. Selling customer information would violate your privacy.

Privately owned with a strong commitment never to sell
Service remains consistent. Customers should not be traded like playing cards.

Artificial Intelligence email filters
We see no reason for anyone to tolerate messages they don’t want. Our custom filters block mass advertising (spam), viruses, duplicates, “backscatter,” and other nuisance email.

Our customers don’t send spam
Your email is delivered more reliably by not being associated with someone else’s junk mail.

Prices negotiable
We prefer to make decisions for reasons other than money.

Internet Central is 100% paperless, consuming no paper or office supplies. We work remotely, consuming no fuel. Our equipment consumes minimal energy and requires no climate control.

Socially responsible
We are careful with the money you spend with us. All services are provided in house, never outsourced. The software we use is either produced in-house or is FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). We connect to the Internet and purchase equipment from the best companies we can find, considering human rights and the environment as well as the quality of the product itself.